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Most of the farm equipment spend a vast majority of their life sitting idle, while owners are making monthly payments on them. The option to rent equipment makes great sense financially if you need it for a few months only. Plus you don’t need to store or maintain the equipment. Technology is ever changing so you can rent latest equipment every year instead of being stuck with an old machine.

You can rent farm equipment of your choice by signing up here.

Yes, you can get equipment with an operator in cases where the provider has offered the operator option.

When a provider commits to renting their equipment to you, they do not take any further bookings for that duration. A cancellation therefor depends on the comfort of the provider. Some are very flexible with the cancellation, others are not. We offer 3 cancellation terms, read more here.

Yes there is an option to buy, some providers are open to selling equipment as well you can buy here or from FarmEase app

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